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If you could change anything you wanted to, what would an ideal world look like to you? What could you do to make the world look more like this? In this activity you’ll play with those big, wild ideas to imagine your dream world alive!

Watch: Impact Influencer Series

Our Impact Influencers share what a perfect planet looks like for them.

Do: Start designing your ‘Perfect Planet’

Let’s warm up that brain to get you thinking about what your own ‘perfect planet’ design might be.

Drag the images and words you connect with into the middle section to create a draft Perfect Planet vision board.

Once you’ve finished, take a screenshot/snippet of your board and save it into the ‘Draft Perfect Planet’ page of your scrapbook.



Complete these pages of your scrapbook:

Perfect Planet Prompts Worksheet
Perfect Planet Prompts
My Perfect Planet Vision Board

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Complete at least 5 activities from each of the main chapters to unlock the final chapter!

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