The Group Behind The Academy

Meet The Posify Group.

A team dedicated to inspiring meaningful living and driving positive impact.

The Posify Academy is the first in a trilogy of Youth Development programs by The Posify Group

About the Co-Founders

The Posify Group Co-Founders are a sister-duo with a common purpose to see an end to unnecessary human suffering, and an entry into a world in which everyone has access to the tools and support to help them feel well and do good.

We are fiercely driven to see the planet and its people flourish into the future, and believe such a future demands a human upgrade. We’re doing our bit to serve this upgrade process by creatively fusing our qualifications in clinical psychology, education and career development with cutting edge applications from positive psychology, neuroscience, and design thinking, to deliver experiential learning opportunities for people who want to be prepared for our ever-changing world, and live and work with more meaning.

Mariane Power

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Jenna O'Connell

K-12 Educator / Careers Advisor


We're serious when we say we want to see an end to unnecessary suffering within our lifetime.
Impact is at the heart of all we do.

That’s why we contribute time and profits to people and organisations driven by a common desire to create a better future for all. And we’ll openly admit, it’s not just about helping others (although it remains our biggest driver). But, as the science says – when we do good, we feel better. So, feel free to join us on our mission to change the planet for the better!

In partnership our corporate Change Crew, we gift subscription sponsorships to disadvantaged students and schools globally


Gifted to date

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030:
In addition to our programs, we support projects working to: