Teaching the future skills and strengths that create

confident, capable kids.

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Teaching the future skills and strengths that create

confident, capable kids

Our kids ARE SETTING SOME BIG GOALS for their future.

The Posify Academy gives young teens the skills and mindsets they need to succeed!

Recently named by Deloitte and World Economic Forum as a WorldClass Education Challenge Top Innovation.​

The Posify Academy gets critical life, wellbeing and career skills into the hands of pre-teens at the beginning of their identity development journeys, so that they can design meaningful future learning and work pathways with confidence!

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Growing resourceful, resilient, and radically kind kids, ready for success in an ever-changing future.

The world is changing … and fast!

We’re here to help prepare the next gen with critical STEM, career, and life skills they’ll need to uncover and deliver their unique purpose and potential in this rapidly changing world.

An interactive 'choose-your-own-adventure' platform that:

100% FREE thanks to our Industry Power Partners:

The Posify Academy is a purpose project of The Posify Group – a social enterprise committed to supporting the Next Gen to uncover and develop their unique potential. We’re grateful for our founding Industry Champions who are helping us open the Academy doors for free.

Meet our Founding Industry Champions:

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Inside The AcademY

Academy Course

This ‘choose your own adventure’ course teaches critical life, wellbeing, and career skills through bite-sized, interactive and gamified activities. Participants complete lessons, divided into 4 core learning chapters, to gain badges and trophies as they develop their personal portfolio that showcases all that is unique about them.

Academy TV

Academy TV is our video library showcasing real-life & career stories from our founders and industry partners to inspire and guide adventurers through their Academy journey. Hear from real life industry experts about their own experiences of growing up and finding their way towards their unique strengths and a meaningful life and career.

Academy Library

Our library of blog-style articles takes a deeper dive into the skills and strengths taught through the Academy Course to help inspire growth and activate action towards feeling well and doing good.

Academy Challenges

Our Industry Innovation Challenges help Adventurers turn insight into action by transforming what they learn in the Academy Course into practical, project-based learning experiences. Bringing learning to life, our Adventurers have the opportunity to submit their big ideas to our Industry Power Partners to contribute to real-life innovation and change.

Why start the career journey early?

The Australian Blueprint for Career Development framework recognises and responds to recent research into the value of exposing children to diverse role models, job roles and opportunities to increase motivation and engagement in learning.

The Posify Academy helps young teens gain: